Looking at the óther side of Dalmatia

About this blog

There is a trillion reasons to share “Svinisceandmore” (Svinisce ánd more) with you.

Main reason is that this part of Dalmatia truly has só many unknown beauties,

I simply múst show some to you, so you get to know why………..

…..  we moved from Holland to Dalmatia,

…..  I run twó blogs about it,

…..  you múst look behind the coastal mountains.

Ain’t gonna use many words here, the pictures say it all.

If you want more to read, you can go to my other blog,


Once you start to see, feel, experience Dalmatia’s Inland, you fall in love with it, for éver !


3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Wat dacht je van ….de sneeuw naar Oostenrijk te sturen, dat is toch redelijk dicht bij jullie.
    Dat is voor jou makkelijker, dan dat ik vanuit NEE die boel aanstuur.

  2. Hey thanks for stopping by and the follow, you have a great blog here, and thanks for the nice email.

    • Thanks Mark, but to fill the time between two cold beers, see my other blog (
      This blog is “only” for nice pictures and short lines, both in English and Dutch.
      Cheers, Pim.

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