Looking at the óther side of Dalmatia

Monastery Dragovic

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Monastery Dragovic

Beautiful Serbian Orthodox church at Perusko Lake.
Schitterend Servisch Orthodox kerkje bij Perusko Meer.


3 thoughts on “Monastery Dragovic

  1. very beautiful and colourful, are Monks onsite or nearby to keep good care and maintenance of it?

    • They are living and taking care of all their obligations all year round, including of course serving their flock, however very small since the latest war.
      Not a church person myself, I dó sympathise with any activity to normalise pre war conditions, including the peaceful return of previous inhabitants and restoring life there as it used to be.

      • that’s the way it should be, peaceful practice of whatever religion (or none) and respect for each other. Hope it may long continue…

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