Looking at the óther side of Dalmatia

Omis, so let’s gó beyond

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Let's gó

Cetina River breaking through the Canyon at Omis.

“Onze” rivier tussen canyon en zee bij Omis.


5 thoughts on “Omis, so let’s gó beyond

  1. Let me be the first to react, simply because I am the publisher.
    Due to recent problems with my other blog, called, I decided to start up a second one.
    So now there are two blogs, called “svinisce” and “svinisceandmore”.
    “Svinisce” telling anything that makes our life here so very interesting.
    “Svinisceandmore” in fact will show less, interesting pictures with some basic information.
    And…should Blogger (by Google) show problems again (a bug ruined my days) I can always use these new pages to continue sharing our love for Dalmatia.

  2. Ohh two blogs, you are game. This platform is so nice and pretty. I love it. Move it all over….. go on!

    • Give me a break please.
      Being 65+ allows me to slow down a bit.
      Time will tell, first things first, but to be honest the first steps have been made, so let’s see what’s next.

      my nickname “republika modris” I created a while ago.
      Zagreb being on anther planet, Split a looooong ride, and the city of Omis deep down our mountains, we do things here like we think is good.
      That made me jokingly call our village Republika Modris (Modris being part of Svinisce).
      Poz. Pimkovic.

  3. Ohh PS… is this Dutch I am seeing?

    • yep, only half of it 🙂
      still want to use the one and only global language (no that’s not Croatian), but some Dutch friends also want to be able to understand what I show them.
      therefore, both English and Dutch, i nema Hravatski, because that language remains to be “svaki dan malo vise” .

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